Travel and Learn with Us

In the summer of 2013, Offerings will begin sponsoring other experts in special needs fields and have them travel with the Executive Director to Bali, Indonesia connecting and sharing with special needs centers, faculty and families.  Offerings will be on the island for one month.

Five centers on the island will come together for the first time, sharing information about their special needs centers and the work they are doing.  These centers will also connect with each other, identifying the challenges they face in helping support the education and therapeutic needs of these special students and working with families.  The Offerings' team will help facilitate the collaboration and also provide a workshop in an area all centers feel they would like some additional professional development.

Offerings’ team will connect individually with each center during their monthly stay, observing programs, meeting with center staff, listening, answering questions and offering tips, suggestions and support. The team will also spend time getting to know the island of Bali, its costumes and its people.

If you are a graduate student in an educational or therapeutic field wanting to not only expand your knowledge about special needs children in developing countries but also want to help share your experience and knowledge, please connect with our Executive Director, Karen Kaplan at  Perhaps Offerings can help sponsor you in through its service learning program.

If you are a professional working in the fields of music therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education or counseling & psychology and want to learn more about how other cultures relate to, understand and teach people with special needs and you would also would like to offer your experience and knowledge, please connect with our Executive Director, Karen Kaplan at Perhaps a trip with Offerings to a developing country is right for you. Through fund raising efforts Offerings plans to help support these service mentoring events.

Future Plans:

Offerings’ hopes to establish a relationship with a local University and develop a special needs cultural service mentoring course, so that students will be able to earn units credit for their volunteer time in a developing country.

If you wish to travel with us please connect with our Executive Director, Karen Kaplan personally at

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