Our Programs

Local Community Education and Outreach

  • Offerings began its year of bringing current research and information to the San Francisco Bay Area Autism and Special Needs Community through the Marin & North Bay Autism Lecture Series.  Speakers from leading research centers, such as the M.I.N.D & Brain Institute of Sacramento, University of California San Francisco, Stanford University and private therapists and medical practitioners discussed their current findings during two-hour lectures.  Other topics were presented by Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Education Specialists, Parents, Technology Specialists and Vocational and Recreation Specialists.  The lectures were attended by parents, students, and professionals.
  • Offerings hosted an Autism & Special Needs Resource Fair bringing 50 or more vendors together under one roof so that families, students, and professionals can enjoy connecting to agencies that provide a plethora of services to children with autism and other special needs.  On the same day,exciting and meaningful workshops are offered so fair participants can take home something new to help those children, teens, and adults special needs they serve.
  • April 2016, Offerings facilitated its first Autism Awesomeness event. Those living each day on the spectrum showcased their artistic, writing, musical, singing and technology gifts and talents. On April 28, 2018 Offerings offered the 3rd Autism Awesomeness event and once again demonstrated the capabilities of those with autism. It also honored employers who have been providing employment opportunities for those with autism. Our guests reported how much they are looking forward to attending annually and to helping the community truly understand the abilities of those with autism.
  • During 2015-2016, our 7th year, Offerings brought an amazing lectures series “Hear Our Voices” and showcased people on the Autism Spectrum.  Families and professionals heard their stories and learned from their challenges and wisdom. This was a powerful lecture series.
  • On March 17, 2018 Offerings presented, ”Addressing Learning Problems Associated with Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders" at Marin County Office of Education Conference Center in San Rafael. The RAD (Reading and Academic Development Center) researchers from the MIND Institute presented on reading and writing development as well as the social, cognitive development on learning. 

Global Education & Mentoring

  • In 2011 Offerings Executive Director connected with centers for special needs in Indonesia; on the island of Bali. She has been able to establish positive relationships with these centers offering workshops, making observations of programs and providing suggestions and offering solutions to their education and therapeutic questions about best practices for educating children with Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other developmental learning disorders.
  • In the summer of 2013 Offerings brought these centers together in Indonesia to share and learn from each other and from Offerings specialists. In the summer of 2014 once again Offerings gathered professionals from Bali and Java to offer facilitation and collaboration supporting people with special needs.
  • Offerings was able to bring Educational Specialist to the Balinese communities to exchange and share.
  • During the summer of 2015 Offerings provided two special workshops at the Annika Linden Centre in Bali. These workshops focused on supporting the Wellness of special needs teams and understanding and supporting Siblings, who live with special needs brothers and sisters.
  • Offerings also address curriculum development for children with Autism on the island of Java. Our workshops were be hosted by the Autism Society of Indonesia and attended by teachers, administrators, and families.
  • In 2016 Offerings once again facilitated a special event bringing centers for special needs together to increase their knowledge of Autism, Downs Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. A special workshop was held for administrators on fundraising.  Speech Therapists were brought up to date on the communication challenges of those with autism. Occupational Therapists were brought up to date on how sensory integration affects those with Autism.
  • Offerings is proud to have been able to bring the special needs communities together and the general communities together each year through a special one -day soccer skills event. Children with Autism, Downs Syndrome, and Physical Challenges played with their typical peers building understanding and acceptance.
  • Offerings expanded its global outreach to Uganda, Africa in 2017, observing centers and schools for children with autism, offering suggestions for developing effective programs and meeting with families to offer solutions to their individual concerns. Offerings continued to bring communities together through sports by helping develop rugby skills in the special needs community.